Jockeys’ Guild Denied Stay of Harsh New Jersey Regulation

on 04/20/2021 3:32 PM

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Jockeys’ Guild, Inc. (“Jockeys’ Guild”) learned Monday, April 19, that the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, denied its motion to stay the New Jersey Racing Commission’s (“Commission’s”) Regulation on the use of the riding crop in Thoroughbred racing.  Jockeys’ Guild sought the stay of enforcement pending a decision on its appeal, which has not yet been decided.

“We are extremely disappointed in this decision on our motion for a stay of enforcement. This Regulation prohibits jockeys from using the riding crop as they have been trained, increasing the risk of injury to both the horse and rider,” said Terry Meyocks, President and CEO of Jockeys’ Guild. “We hoped the Court would stay the Regulation while our appeal is being considered, particularly because a stay would have maintained the status quo. After all, the Commission enacted the Regulation this past fall but had not yet enforced it.” Meyocks added, “With the Court’s decision that we learned of Monday, the Regulation is expected to be enforced in New Jersey beginning with the upcoming racing season in May.”

Jockeys’ Guild filed an appeal of the Regulation in November. It first asked the Commission to stay enforcement pending a decision on that appeal. The Commission refused to stay enforcement, which lead Jockeys’ Guild to seek a stay from the Court.

“Jockeys’ Guild remains hopeful that the Court ultimately will grant its appeal,” said Meyocks.




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