Jockeys' Guild Statement on recent indictments

on 03/11/2020 2:01 PM

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In light of the extremely concerning events that led to the recent indictment of at least 27 individuals in the racing industry, including trainers and veterinarians, the Jockeys’ Guild would like to reiterate the importance of the safety and welfare of both the human and equine athletes.  

If the allegations are true, we have grave concerns about the complete disregard for the well-being of the horses, as well as the lives of all of the riders who were on the backs of these horses. 

The use of illegal medications and prohibited substances has always been and will continue to be a top priority of the Guild. 

The Jockeys’ Guild would like to work with all facets of the industry to assure that racing is conducted with the highest level of integrity and transparency.  By working together with the industry, we will be able to protect the safety of both the horse and rider, as well as earn back the trust of the fans and general public. 


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About the Guild

Jockeys’ Guild, Inc. is the organization representing professional jockeys in Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing in the United States. It was founded in May 1940 and has approximately 1,250 members, including active, retired and disabled jockeys. The purpose is to protect jockeys, strive to achieve a safer racing environment,  obtain improved insurance and other benefits for members and to monitor developments in local, state and federal laws affecting the racing industry, and in particular, the jockeys. For more information about the Guild, visit or


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