Jockeys' Guild Statement on the use of Bisphosphonates

By Jockeys' Guild, Inc. on 03/28/2019 9:39 AM

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The Board of Directors of the Jockeys’ Guild, which is composed of leading Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse jockeys, supports the view that until the research being conducted by the RMTC, AAEP, and Grayson Jockey Club Foundation determines the effects of this drug on young horses, the best course of action is an immediate ban on the use of these medications in horses under four years of age. Many experts believe the use of this drug could make bones more susceptible to fractures. It is always the position of the Jockeys’ Guild that the safety of the horses and jockeys will be the first priority. The Board also calls for improved methods of detection and strict guidelines for its use in horses over four years of age.
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