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Temporary Disability Policy

Temporary Disability Policy

Restated: January 30, 2006, February 13, 2006 January 1, 2009, January 1, 2011, and January 31, 2012

1. INTRODUCTION - Temporary Disability Benefits are available to members who meet the requirements of a member in good standing.  A member who incurs an on-track injury and submits a claim for temporary disability benefits will be subject to this policy.  When a request for disability is received from a member who does not meet the requirements of a member in good standing, they will receive a letter from the Guild Office advising them of their failure to be in good standing.

2.  DEFINITION OF "GOOD STANDING" - To be in good standing, a member must: 

a.  Hold a valid U.S. jockey license;

b.  Be in good standing in all racing jurisdictions;

c.  Have contributed on all mounts as a Guild member and have ridden 100 or more mounts in the current or previous calendar year; OR

d.  if the member is a new member or a rejoining member, the member will be eligible for Temporary Disability benefits on a proportional basis until he/she has contributed on 100 mounts.  Once a member has contributed on at least one mount, he/she is eligible for 20% up to 20 mounts and then after 20 mounts, he/she is eligible for the actual percentage that he/she has ridden and contributed on.  

e.  Be in good standing with all of their accounts with the Jockeys' Guild at the time of their injury to be eligible for temporary disability benefits.  Accounts are defined as:  Annual membership fee and applicable per mount Guild assessment fees.

3.  BENEFIT TERMS - Elimination period seven (7) consecutive days from date of injury.  A member will receive benefits dating back to his or her first day of disability after being out for seven (7) consecutive days.  Benefits as a temporary disabled member will not exceed 104 weeks.

4.  BENEFITS RECEIVED – A rider is entitled to receive up to $250 for the first eight (8) weeks they are unable to ride due to an on-track accident.  For the remaining time that a member is eligible receive temporary disability benefit, he/she is eligible to receive up to $200 per week, not to exceed 96 weeks.  


a.  All members are required to have an accident report generated for any on-track injury regardless of the type of injury. All on-track injuries that will cause an interruption in the member performing his/her service as a jockey need to be reported to the Guild.  The member is required to submit to the Guild office by fax, e-mail, or regular mail a copy of the "On-track Accident" form within 30 days of injury.

If a member's injuries prevent a member from getting the report from a track, the member or member representative responsible is to contact the Guild Office and advise the office of the situation.  The Guild Office may suggest an alternative method or work with a member or member representative to secure such a report.  The member or member representative MUST sign and return an appropriate physician release of information form to the Jockeys' Guild office.

b. The member is to have the primary care physician for treatment of on-track injury (hospital physician, hospital emergency room physician, or member private physician, whichever is point of medical care) to complete "On-track Injury Evaluation Form" and send it to the Jockey's Guild Office.

c.  Receipt of forms described above in sections "4.a" and "4.b" will allow temporary disability benefits to commence.  If the above steps are not received within 30 days of on-track injury, benefits under this plan may not be available.

d.  Once the temporary benefits have commenced for the member, the Jockeys’ Guild will send temporary disability payments to the eligible member every other Thursday. 

e.  In accordance with the Guild's Temporary Disability Policy, the member must have periodic physician reports.  Schedule for such reports will be appropriately outlined based on member's injury, although modification to this schedule may be made.  This report needs to be completed, signed, and returned to the Guild Office to maintain continuing benefits.  If form is not completed and returned to the Guild Office within 10 days of the requested return date or from the date of the appointment with the physician, benefits may be discontinued.

f. The Guild reserves the right to amend this policy at any time for any reason they deem sufficient.


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2.   Jose L. Ortiz $10,111,943
3.   Irad Ortiz, Jr. $9,982,192
4.   John Velazquez $8,016,952
5.   Forent Geroux $7,399,795
6.   Luis Saez $6,193,496
7.   Mario Gutierrez $5,956,857
8.   Joel Rosario $5,903,864
9.   Julien Leparoux $5,898,043
10.   Rafael Bejarano $5,743,363
As of 06/27/16
Thoroughbred Jockeys' Leaderboard: Wins
1.   Jose L. Ortiz 177
2.   Antonio Gallardo 158
3.   Javier Castellano 155
4.   DeShawn Parker 152
5.   Irad Ortiz, Jr. 144
6.   C.J. McMahon 134
7.   Juan J. Hernandez 123
8.   Albin Jimenez 122
9.   Florent Geroux 122
10.   Russell Baze 118
As of 06/27/16
Quarter Horse Jockey Standings: Mount Earnings
1.   Ivan Carnero $1,752,058
2.   Agustin Silva $1,526,981
3.   Rodrigo Vallejo $1,307,622
4.   Adrian A. Ramos* $1,133,902
5.   Ricky Ramirez $1,015,616
6.   Omar Reyes $959,507
7.   Francisco Ramirez $949,108
8.   James A. Flores $831,150
9.   Raul Ramirez, Jr. $799,673
10.   David A. Alvarez* $746,424
As of 06/27/16
Quarter Horse Jockey Standings: Wins
1.   Rodrigo Vallejo 69
2.   Omar Reyes 56
3.   David A. Alvarez* 55
4.   Ivan Carnero 50
5.   Agustin Silva 48
6.   Cesar De Alba 48
7.   Alfonso Lujan 43
8.   Damian Martinez 41
9.   Donald Watson* 39
10.   Jesus Ayala Rios* 38
As of 06/27/16

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