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Frankie Lovato Jockey Camp July 27-29

Jun 21st, 12
As many of you know, once a year I host an event named Jockey Camp. This year, July 27-29 in Norwalk Ohio will mark our fourth year for this very special event and pleased to announce that Hall of Fame Jockey Julie Krone joining myself and our students.

Jockey Camp is a 3 day training course that offers an insightful introduction into horse racing for those who wish to pursue a career in horse racing as jockeys, exercise riders, trainers and many other positions within the industry. Our mission is to improve, promote and provide education, health and safety into horse racing.


We are doing a sponsorship drive for students hoping to attend this years Jockey Camp. We have put some very affordable packages that these funds help differ some of the expenses students incur with travel etc. Incase you wanted to learn more, here is a link that explains the sponsorship packages: We have our main Jockey Camp web page if you would like to see more details for this event.


Thank you for your consideration!





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