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About Us

Jockeys’ Guild Board of Directors 2015-16

John Velazquez, Chairman
G.R. Carter, Vice-Chairman
Rodney Prescott, Secretary
Joel Campbell, Treasurer
Alex Birzer
Joe Bravo
Julien Leparoux
Glen Murphy
Mike Smith
Ramon Dominguez - Director Emeritius

Jockeys' Guild Senate

Joe Bravo
Abel Castellano, Jr.
Javier Castellano
Mike Luzzi
Irad Ortiz, Jr.
Edgar Prado
Sheldon Russell
Jesus Sanchez
John Velazquez

Robby Albarado
Alex Birzer
Joel Campbell
Jon Court
James Graham
Brian Hernandez, Jr.
Julien Leparoux
Glen Murphy
Rodney Prescott


Russell Baze
Dennis Carr
G.R. Carter
Cody Jensen
Casey Lambert
Leslie Mawing
Mike Smith
Joe Talamo
Elvis Trujillo


Thoroughbred Jockeys' Leaderboard: Mount Earnings
1.   Javier Castellano $8,432,388
2.   Victor Espinoza* $7,013,802
3.   John Velazquez $6,908,282
4.   Irad Ortiz, Jr. $5,504,366
5.   Jose L. Ortiz $5,471,663
6.   Joel Rosario $4,881,039
7.   Rafael Bejarano $4,512,152
8.   Tyler Baze $3,953,391
9.   Mike Smith $3,784,760
10.   Manuel Franco $3,761,368
As of 05/26/15
Thoroughbred Jockeys' Leaderboard: Wins
1.   Javier Castellano 149
2.   Colby J. Hernandez 136
3.   DeShawn Parker 130
4.   T.D. Houghton 125
5.   Antonio Gallardo 124
6.   Russell Baze 118
7.   Christian P. Pilares* 103
8.   Irad Ortiz, Jr. 101
9.   Ricardo Gonzalez 99
10.   Rafael Bejarano 93
As of 05/26/15
Quarter Horse Jockey Standings: Mount Earnings
1.   Raul Ramirez, Jr. $1,202,612
2.   G.R. Carter $1,016,647
3.   Esgar Ramirez $965,792
4.   Omar Reyes $941,691
5.   David Alvarez* $914,216
6.   Rodrigo Vallejo $875,130
7.   Joe Badilla, Jr. $872,494
8.   John Hamilton $742,276
9.   Ivan Carnero $723,948
10.   Larry Payne $680,915
As of 05/26/15
Quarter Horse Jockey Standings: Wins
1.   Raul Ramirez, Jr. 77
2.   David A. Alvarez* 68
3.   Omar Reyes 62
4.   John Hamilton 60
5.   Rodrigo Vallejo 54
6.   G.R. Carter 46
7.   Cruz Mendez 46
8.   Esgar Ramirez 41
9.   Carlos Huerta 38
10.   Cesar De Alba 38
As of 05/26/15

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